SACRAL ARS Dr.Nicholas von Kerckhoff

The goal of Nicholas Statue Restoration is to preserve and exhibit religious art,tradition and culture.

Fostering an appreciation of Religions History for our enrichment and that of future generations.

I am available to travel to your destination to do the restoration on site.No damage or repair is beyond my expertise.References are also available on request.

Our studio offers items of new and newly  restored statuary and church goods for sale.Not only to churches but for personal devotion too.

Do you have items that are not longer needed?Other churches would appreciate them.

I take church furnishings on consignment,restore them back to their original beauty,then place them in another church.

Atelier Restoration Works:

Statues of marble-wood-stone-resin-cast iron-etc. clean,repair,preservbed and sealed.

Everything is handpainted.Brass polishing for solid brass pieces.Gold leaf works.


Chalice and paten-ciborium-tabernacle-monstrance-vestment-thuriblle-highaltarsets-lecterns-

aspergillium-bells. amm.

From the catechism of the catholic church:

The beauty of the images moves to me to contemplation,as a meadow delights to eyes and subtly

in fures the soul with the Glory of God.

Similarly,the contemplation of Sacred icons,United with meditation on the harmony of the signs of celebration so that the mystery celebrated is imprint in the Hearts Memory and is than expressed the new life of the faithful.

I would appreciate hearing your comments.

Thank you.

God bless you.

Dr. Nicholas von Kerckhoff

ecclesiastical restorator

R.G.A. Vatican